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Nevada Transportation Board Meeting
Nevada Transportation Board Meeting in Monday – August 18, 2014 at 9:00am. NDOT management will be delivering a project update. You can watch the meeting live here.

Get the latest news about Project NEON
We will be hosting a public information meeting Wednesday, August 27, 2014 between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. with a brief presentation at 5:30 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve. See the flyer here for additional information or here en español.

Live Video Update on Project NEON April 14, 2014
Cole Mortensen, NEON project manager, will be providing a project update to the Nevada Transportation Board April 14 at 9 am Pacific time. View it live here.

Demolition for Project NEON Phase 1 is Progressing
Package “B” demolition activities are scheduled to start on Monday, April 7, 2014, on nine (9) NDOT acquired properties that consist of seven residential and two commercial parcels. The demolition contract has been awarded to Baldwin Development, LLC.

All utility services have been requested to be shut off and will be coordinated by CH2M HILL, NDOT and the contractor.

As required by federal, state and county regulations, all structures scheduled to be demolished were surveyed for the presence of regulated materials such as asbestos. Identified materials will be removed (abated) and disposed of by licensed contractors as necessary prior to the demolition process.

Air quality sampling may be conducted after abatement activities or structure demolition to comply with applicable Nevada Occupational Safety and Health Enforcement and Clark County Department of Air Quality regulations. Survey reports, abatement documentation and corresponding sample results are part of the project record and available for public review as they are completed.

What you can expect:
The contract duration is expected to last 90 working days, with work hours scheduled between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Residential properties will be demolished to a foundation slab, any block walls between residential properties will remain in place, and temporary fences will be installed around each property. Dust control procedures will be performed by the contractor during demolition. After all homes on the street have been acquired and removed, permanent walls and landscaping will be established on the neighborhood.

Commercial properties will leave bituminous surface and building foundations in place to serve as dust abatement.

Questions or concerns should be addressed to:
Nevada Department of Transportation
Attn: Mr. Dwayne Wilkinson, P.E
Senior Project Manager
123 E. Washington Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 671-8879

NEON Phase 1 Demolition Map Package D


Project NEON P3 HOA/Neighborhood Meeting March 19, 2014
The Nevada Department of Transportation held a HOA/Neighborhood project briefing for the following communities: Glen Heather, Scotch 80’s, Rancho Manor and Saratoga. Please click on the links below to view exhibits that were on display during the meeting.

Glen Heather Neighborhood Display (9MB pdf file )
Scotch 80's Neighborhood Display (11MB pdf file )
Medical District Improvements Display (38MB pdf file )
I-15/US95 Improvements Display (38MB pdf file )
Rancho Manor Neighborhood Display (9MB pdf file )
Historic West Las Vegas Area Display (8MB pdf file )
Bridge and Wall Aesthetics Display (3MB pdf file )
Meadows Redux Display (4MB pdf file )
MLK Remnant Parcels Display (8MB pdf file )


Project NEON Winter 2013 Newsletter
Please click the links below to download the Winter 2013 Newsletter.

Project NEON P3 Winter 2013 Newsletter (1MB pdf file )

Proyecto NEON P3 Invierno 2013 Newsletter Espanol (1MB pdf file )


NEON P3 Procurement RFQ Shortlist
NDOT is pleased to announce the three shortlisted teams in alphabetical order:

Kiewit-Meridiam NEON Partners – Kiewit Development Company & Meridiam Infrastructure Neon, LLC
Las Vegas NEON Ventures – Las Vegas Paving Corporation & Macquarie Capital Group Limited
NEON Mobility Group – ACS Infrastructure Development, Inc. & Fengate Capital Management, Ltd. & Star America Fund GP LLC


Project NEON Southbound Ramp Braiding Animation
Please click on the image below to view an animation of the southbound ramp braiding for I15 and US95.

Click here to launch the Project Neon Southbound Ramp Braiding Animation


The Martin Luther King Extension is being considered for inclusion into the P3 footprint
The City of Las Vegas and the Nevada Department of Transportation are in discussions about including this improvement into the Project scope and the P3 Phase procurement. If this improvement is added to the Project scope, long term operations and maintenance of the street are currently anticipated to be delivered by the City. The City would not be a party to the P3 agreement. Baseline plans are being revised to take advantage of the accelerated delivery in anticipation of associated right of way acquisitions. The inclusion of the MLK Extension would enhance travel and minimize construction disruptions for everyone working, living and visiting downtown Las Vegas. Should this improvement be added to the Project scope, additional details will be provided during the RFP phase. In addition, a forthcoming addendum to the RFQ will address the potential inclusion of this improvement.


The Permanent Grand Central Parkway intersection with Charleston Boulevard is being redesigned to be an at-grade intersection
The intersection of Charleston and Grand Central Parkway will include a new extension of Grand Central Parkway south onto Western Avenue. This new extension will provide additional access to those properties whose access is being cut off by the elimination of Wall Street under I-15. A grade separation of this intersection was considered but this plan did not fit in with the city's plans for redevelopment of this area so the intersection will remain at grade for the long term. A connection between Grand Central Parkway and Industrial Road including a grade separation of the Union Pacific Railroad is still planned as part of the overall Project NEON program of improvements.


Press Release 7-30-2013: Request for Qualifications Process Open for Project NEON
LAS VEGAS – The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) is proud to announce the release of a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Project NEON – P3, a capital improvements project along I-15 from the Sahara Avenue Interchange to the US 95/I-515 Interchange in Las Vegas, Nevada. The project is being procured using a Public-Private Partnership (P3) agreement.

Click here to read the full press release. (200KB pdf file )


Project NEON Industry Day Meeting
Please click on the links below to download the meeting materials.

Industry Day Presentation (2MB pdf file )
Industry Day Fact Sheet (14MB pdf file )
Industry Day Attendence Sheet (100KB pdf file )

____________________________________________ Correction
On Tuesday July 16, posted a story on the NEON P3 procurement. While we appreciate the visibility the story provided, we are posting a significant correction to the story here. The story states:

“ACS Infrastructure Development Inc., a Coral Gables, Fla.-based unit of Actividades de Construcción y Servicios S.A., will design, build, finance, operate and maintain Project Neon for 35 years after completion. Other “Neon Mobility Group” members include Dragados USA Inc., New York City; Pulice Construction Inc., Phoenix; Granite Construction Co., Watsonville, Calif.; Aztec Engineering, Phoenix; Stantec Inc., Edmonton, Canada; Kleinfelder Inc., San Diego; Lee Engineering, Phoenix; and CA Group Inc., Las Vegas”

This is incorrect. This consortium provided an unsolicited proposal for Project NEON that was the impetus for the imminent P3 procurement. Please disregard this portion of’s story.


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