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(2/27/17) Equipment World – Nevada DOT installing the first of 52 active traffic management signs on its highways

(2/23/17) Review Journal – EDITORIAL: The Nevada Department of Transportation wastes money by building HOV lanes

(2/22/17) KSNV (NBC) – Local church directly impacted by Project Neon 

(2/16/17) Roads & Bridges Magazine – TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT: High-tech freeway signs coming to Project Neon in Nevada

(2/21/17) KTNV (ABC) – Spaghetti Bowl ramp to reopen Wednesday

(2/21/17) Las Vegas Sun – Major freeway ramp in Las Vegas set to reopen Wednesday morning

(2/21/17) Review Journal – Ramp at I-15 and US 95 reopens Wednesday as Car-Nado work subsides 

(2/17/17) KSNV (NBC) – Prepare to dodge the detours: More closures coming for Project Neon 

(2/21/17) Las Vegas Sun – Zipper merging to be emphasized in Project Neon’s latest lane closures

(2/16/17) KLAS (CBS) –  NDOT to close Spaghetti Bowl ramp tonight for emergency repair

(2/16/17) KTNV (ABC) – TRAFFIC TROUBLES: Emergency Spaghetti Bowl ramp closure

(2/16/17) KSNV (NBC) – NDOT will close southbound U.S. 95 ramp to I-15 at Spaghetti Bowl for repairs 

(2/16/17) KLAS (CBS) – Crash forces emergency “Spaghetti Bowl” ramp closure until 6 a.m. Friday

(2/16/17) Las Vegas Sun – Emergency roadwork to close Spaghetti Bowl ramp tonight

(2/16/17) Las Vegas Sun – Massive high-tech freeway signs on the way as part of Project Neon

(2/12/17) Review Journal – End of Car-nado nears, but more Spaghetti Bowl closures coming

(2/8/17) KLAS (CBS) – Project Neon: More closures to increase traffic woes for drivers 

(2/7/17) KTNV (ABC) – Traffic Troubles: lane restrictions along I-15, Charleston Blvd for Project Neon

(2/8/17) Las Vegas Sun – MLK ramp to be closed overnight Thursday 

(1/29/17) Review Journal – I-15 to temporarily lose lane in downtown Las Vegas to make way for new digital signs

(1/29/17) KSNV (NBC) – Project Neon is about to get worse! 

(1/29/17) Review Journal – Project Neon takes a safe and smart route

(1/25/17) Engineering News Record – ENR Southwest’s Top Projects Starts of 2016

(1/24/17) Review Journal – Nightly closures set for I-15, US 95 to install digital signs 

(1/20/17) KTNV (ABC) – TRAFFIC TROUBLES: Road restrictions related to Project Neon 

(1/18/17) KSNV (NBC) – Road closures around the Las Vegas Valley 

(1/18/17) Review Journal – Project Neon’s next phase set to snarl traffic in Las Vegas

(1/18/17) KLAS (CBS) – Project Neon construction to cause more lane restrictions for drivers

(1/9/17) KTNV (ABC) – MLK closed near U.S. 95 on Tuesday as part of Project Neon

(1/9/17) KLAS (CBS) – NDOT: MLK Blvd between Bonanza and southbound U.S.95 to close Tuesday

(1/9/17) Review Journal – Stretch of Martin Luther King Boulevard will be closed overnight Tuesday

(1/4/17) KTNV (ABC) – TRAFFIC TROUBLES: More lane closures along US 95 for Project Neon

(1/2/17) Review Journal – Sneak peek at sculptures, park envisioned as Project Neon’s snazzy centerpiece

(12/27/16) KTNV (ABC) – MLK/U.S. 95 close as part of Project Neon

(12/27/16) Review Journal – Project Neon to shut stretch of MLK Boulevard in Las Vegas overnight Thursday

(12/25/16) Review Journal – Road Warrior rewind: the top transportation stories of 2016

(12/22/16) City of Las Vegas Blog – Project Neon Aglow With Progress in 2016

(12/21/16) KSNV (NBC) Car-nado closure right on schedule, not as bad as anticipated

(12/16/16) KTNV-LV (ABC) – More Spaghetti Bowl ramp closures due to Project Neon

(12/13/16) Review Journal- Spaghetti Bowl ramps to close overnight for Project Neon construction

(12/1/16) Review Journal- NDOT schedules Project Neon update for Wednesday

(11/29/16) Review Journal- Overnight restrictions scheduled for Spaghetti Bowl in downtown Las Vegas

(11/14/16) Review Journal – Sandoval chastises NDOT officials over Car-nado campaign 

(11/9/16) Las Vegas Sun – State board OKs $190 million in bonds for Project Neon 

(11/8/16) KNPR – Spaghetti Bowl construction update: So far so good

(11/2/16) KTNV-LV (ABC) – Demolition of MLK Bridge 

(10/31/16) Review Journal – Car-Nado cluster avoided as Las Vegas motorists heed closure warnings 

(10/28/16) Roads & Bridges – ROAD CONSTRUCTION: No traffic casualties from Las Vegas Car-Nado 

(10/28/16) KTNV-LV (ABC) – NHP, NDOT keeping an eye on traffic during Car-Nado 

(10/27/16) KNPR – Backups Already Striking Spaghetti Bowl Due To “Carnado”

(10/27/16) KSNV (NBC) – Car-Nado: Rise and shine 5 a.m. closure of I-15 NB to 95 NB 

(10/27/16) Review Journal – Las Vegas motorists appear to dodge Car-nado as construction consumes Spaghetti Bowl

(10/27/16) KXNT (CBS) – Car-Nado Continues 

(10/27/16) KTNV-LV (ABC) – UPDATE: More ‘Car-Nado’ ramp closures in the Spaghetti Bowl 

(10/27/16) Las Vegas Sun – Major Spaghetti Bowl ramp closures take effect on freeways, MLK exit 

(10/27/16) Travel Industry News – Patience and Calm Required, Highway project to snarl traffic through Las Vegas

(10/26/16) KXNT (CBS) – Car-Nado Starts Tonight 

(10/26/16) Nevada Public Radio – What To Expect From Project Neon Closures Starting Friday

(10/26/16) KXNT (CBS) – “Car-Nado” Starts Tonight: I-15 Project May Snarl Spaghetti Bowl Traffic 

(10/26/16)  KTNV-LV (ABC) – Nevada Department of Transportation monitoring ‘Car-nado’ effects

(10/26/16) KVVU-LV (FOX) – Project Neon’s ‘Car-nado’ begins Wednesday night

(10/25/16) KDWN – ‘Car-Nado’ closures to begin Wednesday at Spaghetti Bowl 

(10/25/16) KSNV (NBC) – Car-Nado: Ramp closure at the spaghetti bowl to start on October 26 at 10 p.m. 

(10/25/16) KLAS-LV (CBS) – ‘Car-nado’ warning: Spaghetti Bowl ramp closures in downtown Las Vegas in effect

(10/25/16) Review Journal – Las Vegas’ Car-nado set to unleash traffic hell upon Spaghetti Bowl

(10/20/16) KLAS-LV (CBS) – Drivers Beware: ‘Car-Nado’ coming to Spaghetti Bowl

(10/20/16) KDWN – Las Vegas ‘Car-nado’ closures set to snarl Spaghetti Bowl as part of Project Neon

(10/20/16) Review Journal – Las Vegas ‘Car-nado’ closures set to snarl Spaghetti Bowl as part of Project Neon

(10/20/16) KSNV (NBC) – Car-Nado: Long term Spaghetti Bowl closures start next week 

(10/20/16) KVVU-LV (FOX) – Project Neon ‘Car-nado’ coming Halloween weekend

(10/20/16) KLAS-LV (CBS) – Heavy traffic delays expected on Project Neon closures

(10/20/16) KTNV-LV (ABC) – Project NEON will spawn Spaghetti Bowl ‘car-nado’

(10/5/16) KSNV (NBC) – Major Spaghetti Bowl closure begins tonight

(10/4/16) KTNV-LV (ABC) – UPDATE: Spaghetti Bowl ramp reopens early

(10/3/16) Review Journal – Spaghetti Bowl ramp closure to begin Wednesday night

(10/2/16) KSNV (NBC) – Project Neon to include lane and ramp restrictions downtown for next 2 weeks

(9/28/16) Review Journal – Crime and safety news from around the valley, Sept. 29-Oct. 5, 2016

(9/23/16) KVVU-LV (FOX) – Las Vegas, FOX5 News at 4:00pm

(9/23/16) Bridge demolition to block access to downtown Las Vegas

(9/23/16) KVVU-LV (FOX) – Las Vegas, FOX5 News at 10:00pm

(9/18/16) NDOT reopens Spaghetti Bowl closures

(9/18/16) Ramp at Major Las Vegas Freeway Junction Back Open

(9/18/16) Ramp at major Las Vegas freeway junction back open

(9/18/16) U.S. 95 southbound ramp to I-15 southbound reopened 2 hours early

(9/18/16) Ramp at Spaghetti Bowl freeway junction back open

(9/17/16) KLAS-LV (CBS) – Las Vegas, 8 News Now at 6 PM

(9/17/16) KLAS-LV (CBS) – Las Vegas, 8 News Now at 5 PM

(9/17/17) TRAFFIC TROUBLES: Major ramp in Spaghetti Bowl closed this weekend

(9/17/16) KTNV-LV (ABC) – Las Vegas, Good Morning Las Vegas @ 6AM

(9/17/17) KTNV-LV (ABC) – Las Vegas, Good Morning Las Vegas @ 5AM

(9/17/16) Major Spaghetti Bowl shutdown creates a traffic headache for commuters

(9/16/16) KVVU-LV (FOX) – Las Vegas, FOX5 News at 11:00pm

(9/16/16)  KLAS-LV (CBS) – Las Vegas, 8 News Now at 6 PM

(9/16/16) KLAS-LV (CBS) – Las Vegas, 8 News Now at 4 PM

(9/16/16) KSNV (NBC) – Las Vegas, News 3 Live at Three

(9/16/16) KSNV (NBC) – Las Vegas, NV Today

(9/16/16) Drivers, NDOT gear up for Spaghetti Bowl closure

(9/16/16) Traffic Alert: NDOT Closing Spaghetti Bowl Ramps

(9/16/16) Ramp closures planned at major Las Vegas freeway junction

(9/16/16) Ramp closure this weekend at Spaghetti Bowl freeway junction

(9/16/16) Key ramp at Spaghetti Bowl to close this weekend

(9/15/16) TRAFFIC TROUBLES: Major ramp in Spaghetti Bowl closed this weekend

(9/15/16) Brace yourselves! Nevada’s busiest freeway ramp will be closed this weekend

(9/15/16) Spaghetti Bowl ramp closure Sept. 16-Sept. 18 could cause headache for drivers

(9/15/16) 8 News Now Good Day

(9/15/16) Spaghetti Bowl ramp closure Sept. 16-Sept. 18 could cause headache for drivers

(9/14/16) KXNT NewsRadio 840 – Las Vegas, NV

(9/14/16) Brace yourselves! Nevada’s busiest freeway ramp will be closed this weekend

(9/14/16) Nevada’s busiest freeway ramp to close for 36 hours this weekend

(9/13/16) Nevada’s busiest freeway ramp to close for 36 hours this weekend

(9/12/16) Project NEON latest: Weekend closure of Spaghetti Bowl Ramp, September 16-18

(9/12/16) 8 News Now Good Day

(9/11/16) FOX5 News This Morning Weekend Edition

(9/9/16) Lane, ramp closures dot downtown as Project Neon work continues

(9/9/16) KVVU-LV (FOX) – Las Vegas, FOX5 News at 10:00pm

(9/5/16) TRAFFIC TROUBLES: More Project Neon closures around Spaghetti Bowl

(9/5/16) Project NEON latest: MLK Boulevard on-ramp to U.S. 95 Northbound to close for two months

(9/4/16)  MLK onramp to northbound US 95 closed for 2 months

(9/3/16) NDOT to close MLK on ramp to US 95 northbound

(9/2/16) Project Neon work takes break for holiday weekend, will resume Tuesday

(8/20/16) As work increases. Project Neon will restrict more traffic near downtown (KSNV)

(8/7/16) Road work watch: U.S. 95 SB exit to Rancho closes tonight; other closures (KSNV)

(8/6/16) Project Neon construction closures start Sunday (KTNV)

(8/4/16) Project Neon Partners with Union (Veterans Reporter News)

(7/31/16) Project Neon work will affect roads near downtown most nights this week (KSNV)

(7/28/16) Nevada DOT’s Project Neon providing training spots for federal law enforcement (Equipment World)

(7/24/16) Project Neon, other projects to cause traffic slowdowns (KSNV)

(7/13/16) Project Neon Website (KLAS)

(7/11/16) Live traffic signs to be spread all over Project Neon by end of year (Review Journal) 

(6/30/16) Spaghetti Bowl Interchange to see streamlining efforts through July 2019 in downtown Las Vegas (Review Journal) 

(6/28) NDOT offers online map for motorists seeking info on Project Neon (Las Vegas Sun)

(6/15/16) Residents get virtual reality sneak peek of Project Neon (Review Journal)

(6/14/16) Virtual Look at Project Neon (KLAS)

(6/14/15) Final Designs Released for Project Neon (KSNV)

(6/8/16) Free event will offer preview of $1 billion Project Neon (Review Journal)

(6/1/16) TRAFFIC TROUBLE: More work on Project Neon (KNTV)

(5/15/16) Brace yourself: Delays and backups due to Project Neon work are coming (Review Journal)

(5/12/16) Public Information Meeting For Project Neon Thursday Night (KXNT)

(5/10/16) How to outsmart Project Neon Traffic Jams (Vegas Seven)

(4/8/16) Work Begins on Nevada DOT’s Largest-Ever Construction Job (The Construction Index) 

(4/8/16) Las Vegas to Start on Costliest Public Infrastructure Construction Project in State’s History (For Construction Pros)

(4/7/16) Today’s News (Las Vegas Advisor) 

(4/7/16) Ground broken on Project Neon (KVVU)

(4/7/16) Project Neon is Officially Underway (KLAS)

(4/7/16) Timeline for Project NEON in downtown Las Vegas (KNTV)

(4/7/16) Freeway project: Officials expect smooth sailing after 3 years of traffic headaches (Las Vegas Sun) 

(4/7/16) Project NEON breaks ground to expand Interstate 15, years of construction ahead (KDWN)

(4/7/16) NDOT Breaks Ground On Project NEON (CBS Radio)

(4/7/16) Groundbreaking ceremony held for Project NEON (KNTV)

(4/7/16) Las Vegas ceremony kicks off Project Neon — $1.5B Spaghetti Bowl redesign (Review Journal)

(3/28/16) $1.5 billion Spaghetti Bowl overhaul dubbed Project Neon begins next month (Review Journal)