NDOT’s Dale Keller discuss Project Neon and “The Main Event” on the April 10 episode of “Hello Mayor”.

Project Neon Virtual Helicopter Tour – 360 Degree

This tour is best viewed with Google Chrome or Google Plus. Use your mouse to click and move the image.

The Main Event Traffic Videos (March to November 2018)


I-15 SB Lane Reductions


US-95 to I-15 Detour


I-15 NB Lane Reductions

Road Segment Visualizations


Project Neon Overview


Project Neon Overview Summary


US 95 Eastbound to Sahara Avenue


US 95 Eastbound to I-15 Southbound


US 95 Eastbound to I-15 Northbound


US 95 Northbound to I-15 Northbound


I-15 Southbound to Sahara Avenue


I-15 Southbound to Neon Gateway


I-15 Southbound to Charleston Boulevard


I-15 Northbound to Neon Gateway


Grand Central Parkway


Project Neon Landscaping Renders